Land Rover Defender Wood By Vilner

Custom cars and suv’s are definitely a popular trend and always have been. The Land Rover seems to be a hot ride to add a twist to right now and that’s exactly what Vilner has done with their new Lander Rover Defender Wood. This isn’t the first time Vilner has had their hand at a Rover, but they definitely took it to the limit this time around. The exterior of the Defender may appear to be the same as all the others out there, but once you open a door it’s clear this isn’t your run of the mill off the lot suv. Vilner has added black and brown genuine Nappa leather and wrapped everything left in Alcantara. The “Wood” name was given after they decided to do away with most of the carpet and adding custom wood paneling to the floor boards. The Land Rover was finished off with a Ground Zero sound system and complete soundproofing of the entire vehicle.