iPad Mini

Apple have done what everyone was expecting and that is launch a smaller version of their iPad, and they’re calling it the iPad Mini. This new model is essentially the iPad 2 but with a smaller screen and up to date specifications. It’s unbelievable 7.2mm thick which is thinner than the iPhone 5. The WiFi version only weighs 308g while the 3G version weighs 312g, not much difference at all. The screen size is now 7.9-inches in size and has a resolution of 1024×768. It has a dual-core A5 processor, a front facing HD camera and a 5MP rear-facing camera which is the same one from the iPhone 4S, so you’ll get very good pictures with it, why you would want to take pictures with it anyway is beyond me. You still get 10 hours of battery life which is pretty remarkable considering how thin it is.Taking cues from the iPhone 5, it’ll have the same colour choices in black & slate and white & silver. Prices start at ($435). Pre-orders will start from 26th of October and will be available at retail stores on 2nd of November.