How to Pull Off That Wristband Thing!

It’s a trend we’ve been seeing on the arms of Italian, French, and American editors loitering outside fashion shows for a few seasons now: a stack of mix-and-match bracelets in an unfussy array of colors and materials. Well, the look’s not only for insiders anymore—wearing bracelets just went pop. “Kanye bought a bunch of bracelets at Fred Segal before Coachella,” says Ben Burkman of Burkman Bros. “We sold out of them, but don’t worry. We had more made.” Some call them “interesting bracelets” as a nod to being individualistic with fashion; we prefer to think of them as an easy way to co-opt some of the swagger of rock stars and swashbuckling seafarers. Doesn’t matter if you’re into $300 designer metal pieces or you just steal your girl’s hairbands—the key is to pile them up until you’ve lost count and wear them till they fall off.

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