A Distinguished Gentleman

3542d6a63b3211e2ab4c22000a1faffd_7Stylish. Classic. The bow tie is a striking accessory that hints at old-fashioned sensibilities but couldn’t be more modern. Wearing a bow tie is a bold statement signaling independence, confidence, defiance against conventional fashion whims, for when has the bow tie ever not been in style? There is no putz factor with a bow tie; this is a faulty illusion, an insecurity that the man of independent thought rejects. Dapper + Dash celebrates this vintage men’s accessory by adaptively reusing vintage clothing and other vintage materials to create a product as unique as the man who will wear it. In the heart of Downtown Phoenix, Dapper + Dash begins with the essentials. Only the best vintage ties and materials are considered. Once they pass the test, these materials, often found buried in closets and long forgotten, find new life. The materials are repurposed, cut by hand and stitched into one of three patterns to create dapper bow ties for a dashing man.

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