BMW’s latest concept previews the next-generation Z4

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BMW just pulled the covers off of its Concept Z4 at this year’s Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, previewing a dramatic new look for the upcoming roadster.

The styling follows in the design language of their recent 8 Series concept with its sharp, aggressive lines that perfectly transitions the Z4’s signature aesthetic into 2018. The bold look stretches over a shorter hood and that low-slung, shark-faced front end with its wide kidney grille and a set of lights that have been moved upward to pay tribute to the timeless Z8.

The flared rear arches create a muscular set of haunches that complement a rear end that’s as bold as the front with its sleek, integrated spoiler and a pair of jumbo sized air outlets and a carbon diffuser that completes the look.

Aston Martin and Zagato debut a Vanquish Speedster and a Vanquish Shooting Brake

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Aston Martin and Zagato are stealing the spotlight once again with a couple of new Vanquish collaborations. First up, the two companies are unveiling an all-new Speedster model, which will be the rarest of the family with only 28 cars being produced and every single one is sold with deliveries set for 2018.

The big news though is that they’re building an unbelievable shooting brake variant, complete with Zagato’s signature double bubble that’s constructed with glass inlays. Still with us? We’re still drooling over that photo too.

The car will also feature a custom luggage kit, a herringbone carbon fiber facia, anodized bronze hardware, and aniline leather upholstery. The two cars join the Volante and coupe, all of which feature Aston’s naturally aspirated V12 with 600 hp.

The 1952 Ferrari 342 America was a car built for the company’s most elite clientele

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There are exclusive cars and then there’s the 1952 Ferrari 342 America. Just how elite were the clients? Well, one car was built for King Leopold of Belgium and one went to the company’s very namesake, Enzo Ferrari. Only six of the 342s were built and only one features a body by Vignale. That exact car will be going up for auction next week and not only is it one of the rarest road-going Ferraris in existence, it is the first of the six cars built.

The Vignale bodied car is one of three coachbuilt cabriolets and was first sold to Swiss owner, Odofranco “Otto” Wild. It then made its way to California in the late ’50s/early ’60s and called the state home under the ownership of three different collectors.

Restored in a beautiful two-tone metallic green and white, the car has rarely been seen in public and has only seen 210 miles of use since its restoration in 2007.

$2,250,00 – $3,000,000,