Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX55

Sony’s new Cyber-shot DSC-TX55 is an impressive point and shoot that manages to pack a 5X optical zoom inside a very svelte half-an-inch metal body. Inside the camera features a 16.2 back-illuminated sensor that produces hi-res photos and HD video. A cool trick with the HD video mode is that you can shoot 12 megapixel photos during video capture without interrupting recording. Another cool feature is the Sweep Panorama mode that can create a 43 megapixel image. Link


Grey Ant brings their signature hipster style to these funky & chunky “Hot Alert” status sunglasses! With oversized plastic frames that give them that 80′s flair….. These tough constructed square shaped with silver tone hardware sunglasses…. are sold out across the country!

Jimmy Choo Sneaker Collection + The Rise of Men’s Designer Sneakers

Lanvin, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Louboutin, and now Jimmy Choo. The market for designer men’s sneakers is evolving at a rapid pace. In such an unstable economy, is this a wise move? Well, Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with Kanye led their shoes to be sold out… yeah $800-$1200 pair of shoes were sold out in a matter of days, some even sold out in hours (many were pre-ordered though).

Jimmy Choo will be adding his fancy kicks to his pre-fall 2012 collection. There will be 8 styles, 5 high tops and 3 low tops. The materials for Choo’s sneakers will range from suede to patent leather to snakeskin. And the price? $470 to $630. That’s a few hundred lower than his luxury sneaker counterparts, so the price is definitely more economy conscious (in terms of luxury footwear)… But I guess the question is: will the lower price mean he’ll sell more? maybe even sell-out faster? Or will his lower price tag just leave him with lower profit margins? Only time will tell. The Jimmy Choo sneaker collection will be available to purchase online soon.

Design Space & Tranzit Magazine Announces “Digital for iPad”


After six amazing years of publishing Design Space Magazine, DESIGNSPACE MEDIA GROUP decided that as a bonus to our unique print publications, we’re going digital with iPad Apps! This way, we’re certain to be able to reach a broader demographic of readership all while making the publications readily accessible with iPads and other mobile devices. The new Apps are available on both websites for sale at: Design Space Magazine or Tranzit Magazine.

House In Fire Island by Studio Twenty-Seven Architecture

This is a summer beach house in the resort community of the Pines on Fire Island New York.   The typology of the homes in the Pines is recognizable to anyone who has visited an East Coast Shoreline resort town.  It is a builder- driven typology reflecting the pragmatism of the inhabitants of these coastal communities.  Almost always the “good sense” pragmatism that allows these homes to be built affordably overtakes the inherent liveliness and natural spirit of the place and creates structures that are a bit dull.  This project inserts some of the “spirit of the shore” into this “Yankee thriftiness” residential typology.  Common detail and material remain, but the volume of the house is expressed as a skin, rather than as a box-like container. The skin keeps the heat in. Over time, the skin of woven cedar boards will assume the same patina as neighboring houses. Large windows are introduced to reveal a luxurious light interior. The organization of the plan creates a direct link between the occupation of the different spaces during the day and the sun’s path. Program adjacencies were carefully studied before identifying the swimming pool as the center of social interaction. Interior rooms and exterior spaces were arranged to track the path of the summer sun, connecting it to the rhythm of daily life: breakfast by the pool; cocktails and socializing on the front terrace; and evening dinners in the west light. Sleeping rooms form the backstage of the house.

Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2011

Gotta love the Burberry Prorsum Spring / Summer 2011 Trench Coat. Once again Burberry comes with a classic stamp and elegance the brand is already known for, giving us the sophisticated trademark Burberry man. Designer Christopher Baily brought the military themed inspiration to a new level, giving it more of a punk-rock edge for this season. The use of leather materials gives an extra edge to the traditional Burberry Trench Coat we’ve become accustomed to. Remember the collection is made for a British summer, so jackets and coats are a necessity there. However, you can always select perfect summer Burberry items for warmer climate.