Specht Harpman Architectshave designed Casa Xixim, a holiday rental in Tulum, Mexico

casa_xixim_250415_15 casa_xixim_250415_05 casa_xixim_250415_04 casa_xixim_250415_03 casa_xixim_250415_01

25hours Hotel Zürich West by Häberli Design Development

ho_101214_01-630x841 ho_101214_03-630x410 ho_101214_08-630x945 ho_101214_10-630x420 ho_101214_12-630x477 ho_101214_14-630x420 ho_101214_17-630x420 ho_101214_18-630x945 ho_101214_21-630x945 ho_101214_22-630x420 ho_101214_24-630x420In the past few decades, in this most important developing area of Zurich, many creative people, clubs and international companies have found their home. Zurich West’s character is influenced by a mixture of former industrial area and the new development of the quarter. Zurich West is home to the highest building and the largest multiplex cinema in Switzerland, but it’s also home to the Zurich Schauspielhaus’ off-stage and the Academy of Art. Galleries, small theaters, bars and clubs make Zurich West the cultural melting pot and trend quarter of the city. As part of the Hard Turm Park areal, the 25hours Hotel Zurich West creates a dynamic unit with additional services and food service companies. The tram line 4 connects directly to the Hauptbahnhof, the old town and the lake.

The 25hours Hotel for Zurich was developed with the team of Alfredo Häberli Design Development. The Zurich designer with Argentinian roots is known for his creative concepts for brands like Alias, Camper, Iittala, Kvadrat, Vitra, Luceplan or Moroso and was named Designer of the Year in 2009 by Architektur&Wohnen (Architecture and Living magazine). In Zurich West it’s the first time he’s been responsible for the complete design of a hotel and in this project he continues to combine his usual witty product with new, exciting ideas, which have been developed for and with 25hours.

Adelphi Hotel by Fady Hachem

ah_221014_03-630x400 ah_221014_04-630x421 ah_221014_05-630x415 ah_221014_06-630x420 ah_221014_08-630x436 ah_221014_09-630x392 ah_221014_10-630x418 ah_221014_14-630x472 ah_221014_15-630x945 ah_221014_16-630x420 ah_221014_18-630x415 ah_221014_20-630x936Over the years, the mixed fortunes of the Adelphi Hotel have been well publicised, from its early ‘overnight’ success to its drawn-out downturn a decade later. When it was repurchased for the second time in 2013, and Hachem were commissioned with its makeover, the studio recognised the need to develop a bold and creative concept. And, well, we did – establishing the Adelphi as the world’s first dessert-themed hotel. It’s an idea that presented an abundance of possible sub-themes, a visual and experiential feast, you might say. ‘Engage the senses’ became the tag line, which encourages guests to not only relax but to absorb all that surrounds, and give into temptation. It’s not just about decadence, though. The plans had to work within a modest budget, and the result had to be sustainable in the long-term. The shell of the original Denton Corker Marshall design was retained and all furnishings were either carefully selected or custom-made to layer atop the stark industrial elements, adding warmth, texture and whimsy. Energy and water-efficient amenities were installed, and various simple but important practices have been implemented into the day-to-day running of the hotel, including recycling programs and initiatives that support a variety of local charities.

citizenM Times Square by Concrete Architectural Associates

cm_030614_01-940x626 cm_030614_02-940x626 cm_030614_03-940x626 cm_030614_04-940x626 (1) cm_030614_05-940x1196 cm_030614_06-940x626 cm_030614_07-940x1196 cm_030614_10 cm_030614_13-940x626The concrete designed citizenM hotel is making its debut in the United States with its first skyscraper in the heart of New York City on Times Square. An Amsterdam based hotel chain, citizenM is bringing affordable luxury to all mobile citizens, as it opened its doors on 10 April, 2014. citizenM Times Square offers New York 230 of its signature guest rooms, stacked on top of a vibrant living room plaza, a double height space which combines the NY-vibe with a home away from home feel. This citizenM features a striking artwork in the heart of the living room by Julian Opie as well as a rooftop bar. The dynamic living room and rooftop bar form the social heart of citizenM. Open and inviting to both guests and locals to have a drink, work or just rest and be inspired by the art. The concept of citizenM is to give the mobile citizens of the world ‘more for less’ and cut out all hidden costs, remove all unnecessary items in order to provide guests with a luxury experience at an affordable price. The hotel counts 230 rooms of 150 square feet (approx. 14 m2). The design is founded on the belief that a great bed and a rain shower is all you need during a city or business trip.

The Constance Lémuria Seychelles

Constance-Lemuria-Seychelles-01-800x530 Constance-Lemuria-Seychelles-03-800x532 Constance-Lemuria-Seychelles-07-800x531 Constance-Lemuria-Seychelles-12-800x532 Constance-Lemuria-Seychelles-26-800x532 Constance-Lemuria-Seychelles-35-800x533 Constance-Lemuria-Seychelles-52-800x716 Constance-Lemuria-Seychelles-58-800x532“Escape to the serenity of suites and villas designed to offer modern, spacious living. Around the resort the open-air architecture of the bars and restaurants creates a cool, inviting vibe. Using natural materials including wood, stone, pink granite, marble and thatched palm Lémuria nestles elegantly into its environment.”

POD Hotel Singapore | Formwerkz Architects

ph_100114_01 ph_100114_02 ph_100114_03 ph_100114_18 ph_100114_20The POD is Singapore’s latest boutique capsule hotel catering to discerning travelers who desire fuss-free and convenient living. With 83 cosy capsules inspired by modern and minimalistic living, you can look forward to convenience at your fingertips without compromising on comfort, quality or style. At The POD, personalized concierge services are on hand to satisfy your every need so that you can focus on the things that truly matter. Enjoy complimentary laundry service, hot buffet breakfast and Nespresso coffee, high-speed Wi-Fi access and more. A complete set of amenities ensures effortless living right at the centre of Singapore. Located at the fringe of the Singapore Central Business District, The POD offers quick accessibility to the heart of the financial centre or immersion in the warmth of bustling Haji Lane – rated as one of the top shopping places in Singapore

Sea Mirror | One Central Park in Sydney, Australia

cp_081213_01-630x945 cp_081213_02-940x940 cp_081213_03-940x626 cp_081213_04-940x1409 cp_081213_05-940x1190French lighting artist Yann Kersale has created a permanent installation called Sea Mirror or Miroir de Mer using 2880 LED lights and 320 mirrored panels. It is located at the One Central Park development in Sydney, Australia. Making a dazzling new addition to Sydney’s southern CBD skyline, Sea Mirror or Miroir de Mer is by conceptual French lighting artist, Yann Kersale.Located on One Central Park’s dramatic cantilevered heliostat at the $2 billion Central Park development in Chippendale, Sea Mirror will be opened tonight by Bridget Smyth, Design Director of the City of Sydney, in the presence of the internationally-acclaimed artist himself. Sea Mirror is a permanent addition to Central Park’s $8 million public art collection.

Hotel Seven4one4 | Horst Architects

ho_210513_14-940x660 ho_210513_21-940x918 ho_210513_23-940x672 ho_210513_25Horst Architects have designed Hotel Seven4One in Laguna Beach, California.

Resort Residence Rio Bonito House | Carla Juacaba

rio-bonito-03-800x587 rio-bonito-06-800x600 rio-bonito-11-800x1111 rio-bonito-19-800x534 rio-bonito-25-800x800 rio-bonito-28-800x598 rio-bonito-29-800x532The mountain of Freiburg in the Hinterland of the Rio Bonito Lumiar, was the place chosen for the construction of the residence-retreat director of the museum of unconscious images. The proximity of the river has become a determining factor for the party adopted. Two thick stone walls, supporting four metal beams which support the slabs and floor covering. The weight of the structure contrasts with the lightness of the span, highlighted by two skylights that separate the slab above the structural walls. On the back wall windows are floor to ceiling tears that give continuity to the horizontal of vertical skylights. The house down to the floor is protected from moisture and weather, and at the same time allows the view of the river passing by.”

The Cambrian Hotel | Peter Silling & Associates

tc_061212_08-940x704 tc_061212_10-940x610 tc_061212_14-940x573 tc_061212_15-940x626 tc_061212_18-940x704 tc_061212_19-940x624 tc_061212_24-940x704 tc_061212_26 tc_061212_30-940x542 tc_061212_31-940x626 tc_061212_51-940x581Peter Silling & Associates designed the interior of the Cambrian Hotel in Adelboden, Switzerland.

Hotel Pupp | bergmeisterwolf architekten

hp_210313_02-940x953 hp_210313_04 hp_210313_05-940x626 hp_210313_08-940x968 hp_210313_09 hp_210313_12 hp_210313_13 (1) hp_210313_14 hp_210313_15bergmeisterwolf architekten have designed Hotel Pupp in Brixen, Italy.

QT Hotel Nic Graham and Indyk Architects

qt_220113_02-940x626 qt_220113_03-940x626 qt_220113_06-940x627 qt_220113_07-940x626 qt_220113_10-940x626 qt_220113_12-940x626 qt_220113_16-940x626 qt_220113_24-940x627 qt_220113_27-940x627Nic Graham & Associates together with Indyk Architects have designed the interior of the QT Hotelin Sydney, Australia.

B2 Boutique Hotel | Althammer Hochuli Architekten

BE-Hotel-02-800x546 BE-Hotel-03-800x507 BE-Hotel-07-800x499 BE-Hotel-09-800x520 BE-Hotel-13-800x964 BE-Hotel-14-800x532 BE-Hotel-15-800x531 BE-Hotel-20-800x534 BE-Hotel-21-0-800x599During its 130-year long and eventful history the site has been modified and converted multiple times. The hotel’s concept and design follow the spatial and structural parameters of the complex stock of buildings. Accordingly, the conversion’s concept imbeds three distinct scenarios: rebuild (the boiling house) – build up (on top of the turbine hall) – incorporate (into the cooling sector). The boiling house is situated on top of the Sihlberg, a hill in the middle of the city, dominating the site of the former brewery. The brewery’s facade reveals an amalgamation of various phases in the building’s history. When entering the spacious hotel foyer today, three vertically scaled cathedral-style windows – once part of the boiling house – draw the visitor into the depths of space, and into the library. It is an inviting setting with more than 33.000 books which are piled up in the wall lined with smoked oak and three impressive bottle chandeliers. An upward glance will reveal three high windowed recesses in the shelves – giving away a glimpse of the spectacular first floor board room. The visitor accesses the guest rooms via an open foyer, where a sculptured body of fair-face concrete marks both, spatial centre and reference. The precisely set windows of the construction provide insight into a body of light which runs through the inner zone of the boiling house, linking the first floor with the roof. At its basis the sculpture leads into the board room where the angular conference table mirrors the erratic shape of the body of light, surrounded by a heavy textile wall cover of red velvet. The rooms are pragmatically arranged in line with the ductus suggested by the existing windows in the facade.

The Makenna Resort | Drucker Architects

Makenna-Resort-16-1150x759 Makenna-Resort-18 Makenna-Resort-24-1150x767 Makenna-Resort-29-1150x625 Makenna-Resort-31-1150x765 Makenna-Resort-33-1150x763 Makenna-Resort-36-1150x763 Makenna-Resort-38-1150x763The challenge of this project was to transform a natural place in an architectural space, or build a territory in which the physical landmark is no longer a backdrop to become an active part of their own construction, identifying those key elements of the landscape to emerge through a system of relations that go beyond the visual area of the building. The building fits the landscape, radicalizing their potential, thus creating a large belvedere. Expanding dramatically the feeling of horizontality, eliminating the visual field that which is not substantial to the essence of landscape. Floor and ceiling acquire a substantial value. The structural system adopted responds well to the program and enforcement without waivers, without violence as well. A system strict and precise, but also open and flexible.

Hotel Topazz | BWM Architekten und Partner

The new Topazz design hotel by BWM Architekten und Partner in Vienna’s city centre can be likened to a glistening, dark-coloured gemstone. Its brown mosaic façade, which absorbs and reflects the natural light, ensures that this building – on one of Vienna’s smallest building sites – is a real eye-catcher. The design, created by BWM Architekten und Partner, is characterised by striking elliptical window openings that jut out slightly. This unconventional, distinctive treatment of the façade gives this round-cornered building a sense of weightlessness and elegance as well as an unusually physical presence within the fabric of Vienna’s historical architecture. Inside, the curved window recesses serve as comfortably rounded spots for sitting or lounging while you watch the hustle and bustle of the city below. In this way, the exterior and interior spaces engage in close dialogue and complement each other. The idea with the portholes was born partly out of a lack of space – with the aim of making the best possible use of the 153 square metres of site area. After relaxing and daydreaming in one of the niches, you will open your eyes and say: Good morning, Vienna!

Home Away From Home in Chelsea New York

When you’re looking for a getaway spot, it’s typically got to have all of the qualities of being “home” without feeling too much like the home you know each day. A soft, relaxing almost hotel like retreat fits the description for this Chelsea based Pied a Terre, designed by Michael Rubin Architects. The interior is somewhat beachy with a sophisticated feel of the city lingering. An ever so pale blue sits in conjunction with brick red and light neutrals to keep things classy but never stuffy. Plenty of the space is outfitted in mirrors, while a great majority of the important elements (like closeting) are built-in standards.

L’AND Vineyards Hotel, Portugal

Groundbreaking Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan has just put his final touches on the stunning  L’AND Vineyards Hotel, located in the heart of Alentejo, the south-central region of Portugal. The 22 suite structure is engulfed in rows of grape vines, a stunning lake, and the historic Castle of Montemor, providing an atmosphere of understated luxury, natural beauty, peace and tranquility. The angular white structure is known on site as the Reception Building; where Kogan created a contemporary reinterpretation of Roman and Arabic atrium architecture, in addition to a spacious living room, library, gift shop. The building also houses the winery , spa, and restaurant. Kogan’s plush decoration of the suites creates an atmosphere of tasteful luxury striving to achieve beauty through simplicity and the small details; the décor makes use of wood and natural stone to provide a serene yet sumptuous living space.

Kuramathi Island Resort in Rasdhoo Atoll, Maldives

Located on Kuramathi Island in the Maldives, Kuramathi Island Resort is ideally located with spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. This resort is comprised of 290 villas of various sizes and has been designed with preference for natural materials and ocean inspired color schemes.

Fasano Boa Vista, São Paulo | Brazil

This isn’t the first time Brazil’s most sought after architect collaborated with one of Brazil’s most affluent hoteliers – and we’re guessing it won’t be the last! Architect Isay Weinfeld, and restauranteur/hotelier Rogerio Fasano (who recently collaborated on the making of Fasano Las Piedras) have just put the final touches on the latest addition to the Fasano hotel collection – Boa Vista.

The space is mainly outfitted with wood, stone, and glass, with the addition of some supremely cool accent pieces; many chosen from local antique shops or hand-crafted by local artisans. A variation of unique mid-century furniture pieces flood the lobby with massive wood ceiling beams that cross overhead and lead to large windows where guests can look out over the lake.

Weinfeld’s sensual design of the suites have a subtle calming effect with their creamy walls, warm wood flooring, and wicker wrapped lighting fixtures. Each suite has a private wood deck that faces the farms an endless rural landscape. Our favorite part of the hotel has to be it’s on site equestrian center with 29 pickets and 230 stalls, giving guests the opportunity to venture into nature on horseback!

Vacation Travel | Seychelles

This luxurious private island getaway is located in Seychelles which is in the heart of the Indian Ocean just northeast of Madagascar. North Island was designed as a conservation project, but is now one of the most beautiful retreats in the world featuring eleven unique lodges originally created using materials sourced directly from the Island.

This resort features everything you would expect from an exotic location, great food prepared by Chefs with the goal of staying unique to Seychelles, a staff who hopes to keep its guests happy and at home at all times and surroundings that naturally create great rest and relaxation. North Island has several different options for its guests and should have no problems making it to your list of places to visit. Read the full story in Tranzit Magazine 2012 Spring / Summer Issue available now: Link

New York Hotel Americano | New York City

New York City is in an ever-evolving, constant state of gentrification with dilapidated buildings crumbling and new ones springing up in their place. Hôtel Americano’s parking-garage-turned-boutique-hotel follows suit. The beautiful, new, 10-story boutique hotel in Chelsea is the creation of Grupo Habita, a talented team of hoteliers who recently completed their first American establishment.

M18, Grupo’s impressive public relations team, took us on a private tour of the hotel months back prior to completion, and we have to say, we were impressed. Mexican architect Enrique Norten transformed the facade of the former parking garage into an impressive glass structure encased in metal mesh, capturing the industrial zeitgeist of the neighborhood. An exterior-facing, glass-encased elevator shuttles guests between the street-level restaurant and rooftop terrace. After walking through the massive doors we were welcomed not by a hotel lobby, but instead by a tastefully, minimalistic concrete cafe. The massive marble bar, unique modern furniture and imaginative light fixtures set the stage for the rest of the hotel experience.

The Michelberger Hotel | Berlin Germany

The Michelberger is a new budget hotel in Berlin, Germany that opened in 2009. The hotel takes its name from the founder, Tom Michelberger, a 33-year-old from southern Germany. Tom is the central figure in a patchwork of friends who came together to create the hotel. With rates starting at 59 EUR per night, the Michelberger falls into the budget hotel category, but unlike most budget hotels which are typically very standard and conventional, the Michelberger has been designed by the internationally renowned designer Werner Aisslinger, to provide a unique guest experience. Visit the Michelberger Hotel website – here.

The Modern Hotel and Bar | Boise, Iowa

With three generations of family experience in the business, Elizabeth Tullis knows stunning design is never enough, guest have got to feel welcomed and for partner David Hale, old fashioned hospitality isn’t enough without great design. Together they commissioned Architect Dwaine Carver and Interior Designer Kerry Tullis to transform the Boise Guest Lodge. They recruited top-notch management team and guest services staff and now they are making history. The Modern Hotel is a former 1960s Travel Lodge that has been fully modernized and now offers 34 luxury rooms, 5 suites, the Modern Bar & wooded courtyard. View Link.

Vieques Island | W Beach Hotels Retreat & Spa

Located on the undiscovered island of Vieques with a 30-hectare beach property, W Retreat & Spa –Vieques Islands offers a unique travel experience and entree into the W’s “new way to escape,” blending sophisticated signature brand and style of programming with the amazing nature and wildlife of Vieques Island. Guests can escape to the beautiful island paradise and enjoy an abundance of amenities and activities designed for adventure seekers and tourists relaxing together. by Patricia Urquiola, Spanish designer from the Milan-based Studio, the Vieques Hotels offers a stylish 157 rooms and suites with private terraces and balconies offering unparalleled views of soft sandy beaches and clear water, an interesting experience epicure in the mix at the beach inspired by Alain Ducasse, featuring organic, local ingredients collected from farmers on this island. Café build for the on-the-move traveler. Spa Chakra, which offers a quiet place beach yoga and an authentic holistic treatments inspired by the island.

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